A fast-paced metaphor

"Fencing is like a game of chess played at the speed of light!" says our trainer, Italian foil champion Marta Cammilletti. While we were all concentrating on practicing unusual gestures by setting our bodies in unnatural positions, we quickly realized... Continue Reading →

The Evolution of Remote Deposit Capture

For the past twelve years, Panini has been integrally involved with digital check truncation throughout the world. We have been at the forefront of emerging legislation, technology, and processes to facilitate safe and efficient clearing of the paper check. Today... Continue Reading →

How Intelligent Capture Can Help Digitally Transform Your Financial Institution

How do you increase customer satisfaction and loyalty with new technology? What new technologies can you offer to gain new customers and increase current customer's loyalty? Today's fast paced environment and desire for instant gratification through self-service models has led... Continue Reading →

Rethinking Checks

Recently, Alogent published an article, “Taking-or Retaking- Control of Check Deposits” in ABA Banking Journal. For so long we have heard checks are going away, this has led some companies to forgo check automation assuming it’s a waste of time... Continue Reading →

Intelligence to Differentiate

The history of computing may look like a sinusoid oscillating between the use of distributed intelligence (i.e. processing power) and the connection of unintelligent devices to a centralized greater intelligence whose power they will exploit. Where are we now, when... Continue Reading →

Transformation? Déjà Vu All Over Again

My name's Jim Harris and I am the Vice President of Sales for Panini North America, based in our U.S. headquarters located in Dayton, OH.  While I have been with Panini for the past seven years, my experience in selling... Continue Reading →

Each Bank Has Its Own Roadmap

As a manufacturer in the broad space that is “Fintech,” we are privileged to attend trade shows where the biggest, most well-known financial institutions are present. Many of these events feature key speakers from these major FI’s leading sessions about... Continue Reading →

Yet another blog?

When's the last time you wrote a check? How usual was it for the other party to receive one? And when's the last time you received one? Would your life be different without checks? or is it already without checks... Continue Reading →

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